Advance Praise for An Arbitrary   Formation of Unspecified Value - Out now from PANK Books: 

"An Arbitrary Formation of Unspecified Value is a groundbreaking book. Quartararo examines in powerful and expertly distilled fragments the myriad histories of Detroit, Michigan, and traces them to its various contemporary milieus.  In this way, Quartararo associatively grapples toward a larger statement on (and perhaps redefinition of) the nature of so-called “blight” (and its diverse causes, manifestations, and effects), as well the ways in which elements of beauty can dovetail with elements of decay.  Stylistically experimental (via its play on the page with acts of formal erasure, destruction, and reconstruction), and tonally refreshing, An Arbitrary Formation of Unspecified Value recalls the early work of Eula Biss. An audacious and exhilarating debut book-length essay."


-Matthew Gavin Frank, author of Flight of the Diamond Smugglers

"Displayed in fragments and fractures, Jennifer Quartararo's prose encroaches on the boundaries of decay and displacement, bringing the reader in close to the lives and moments contained therein. In a stark and crumbling form suggesting the fall-out of a former glory, Quartararo's is a world in which nothing is forever, constant shiftings of asphalt and corporate rise and fall. An Arbitrary Formation of Unspecified Value asks the reader to consider the worth of the minuscule, the overlooked, the ways in which we navigate in order to preserve and persevere."

- Jenny Boully, author of Betwixt-and-Between



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